Monday, August 17, 2009

What's Up With This?

Ok, here's the idea....I read and get feeds from several of those advice websites where readers post questions for the internet at general to answer, questions on everything from music to restaurant recommendations to sex advice. Many a time, I thought I'd like to jump in and answer, but I suspect my responses would quickly get me branded a troll and summarily booted from the boards.
So, instead, I hit upon the idea of doing a cartoon that would highlight some of these questions that struck me as particularly amusing or interesting, or that caused that knee-jerk troll reaction. This will let me share my amusement at other's plight in a (hopefully) more socially acceptable and entertaining format.

What to expect:
-The cartoon will be irregular. Not daily, weekly, bi-weekly or any regular schedule, but whenever I get around to it. I'm an office monkey by day, and these will only be things I crank out on my lunchbreak, so I can't commit to a schedule.
-The subject for the cartoons may be taken from the title of the original post, or from the question in the post. In either case, it will always be a direct quote from the question being asked, with a link back to the original post.
-As I said before, I do these when I can, so the quality will, especially at first, be questionable. I'm aiming for the quick hit, not to create lasting works of art.
-Comments and criticisms are welcomed. Flames and generally abusive comments will be ignored, or else may become fodder for future cartoons. Be warned.

That's about it. Let the games begin!

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